Since 2006 KIPA, in collaboration with the European Center for Environmental Research and Training of Panteion University (responsible Professor and Rector Mr. Grigoris Tsaltas), the European Commission, and bodies such as Piraeus Prefecture, Kythira Municipality, Domestic Property Management Committee organized 5 conferences/seminars in Kythera.
The main seminar was the 8th Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Programme and was co-organized with the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature. It was entitled “Environment and Sustainable Development, Economy, Governance and Natural Resources after the United Nations Conference Rio + 20”. The actual seminar took place in Agia Pelagia, Kythera from the 5th to the 11th October 2012.
Within the framework of this Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Programme, a KIPA Conference was organized on the subject “Study, Development and Rational Management of the Natural Wealth of Kythera”.
On October 8, 2012, the following topics were developed at the Kythera Association Hall of Chora:
a) Natural and Cultural Resources and their importance in the Development of International Relations
b) Evaluation and prospects of the NATURA 2000 areas of Kythera and Antikythera
c) Highlighting the natural diversity of Kythera
d) Paths: Natural, cultural and developmental value