Last week, the certified Κytherian olive oil embarked on a journey to Germany, reaching 49 consumers who now enjoy its unique quality and taste. Through the Terra Vita certification, an added value of 16% on the final product was captured and, simultaneously,German consumers came closer to Kythera andthe island’s sustainable olive oil production.

With the coordination of the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (MedINA) and the fruitful collaboration with the KytherianFoundation for Culture and Development (KIPA), the Agricultural Cooperative of Livadi Kytheraand the representatives of German consumers, the first year of the certification concludedsuccessfully. Following the initial meeting of stakeholders and producers in March 2020, thelaunch of the “Terra Kytheria” project in spring of 2021, the extensive fieldwork, the completion of the certification scheme, the certification of 32 producers and 3 olive mills -among other endeavorsthe certification project attained itsfirst notable commercial success.

The export of olive oil to Germany constitutes the first pioneering effort in developing a “short food supply chain”, fostering direct and mutually beneficial collaboration between producers and consumers. In this relationship, consumers act as engaged citizens, demonstrating a sense of ethical responsibility by supporting fair agreements with the producers. To create this chain, extensive information about the certified Kytherian olive oil was disseminated in Germany, the consumer group was organized, and the entire process of pricing, packaging, and transportation was facilitated, until it’scompletion in early July.

This experience constitutes a legacy for the future and there are already numerous promising messages from consumers and other stakeholders. The promotion of Terra Vita certification and its certified products is implemented with the support of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, as part of the “Terra Graeca: Small Farm to Market” programme. In the forthcoming period, a systematic promotion of the certification and certified products, such as kytherian olive oil, will take place in local, national and international markets, with participation in exhibitions and the development of relationships with consumer groups.

Simultaneously, the second cycle of certificationsfor producers and olive mills in Kythera is starting and all interested olive producers are invited to register their participation at the KIPA secretariat via email at info@kipa-foundation.organd/or through the following telephone numbers: +30 210 3832806 (Monday-Thursday 09.00-15.00) and +30 27360 37006 (Monday-Friday afternoons, 18.00-20.00).

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Terra Graeca: Small Farm to Market projectaims to empower farmers on Lemnos and Kythera in multiple ways and to foster the sustainable development of the islands’ food systems. With the support of the John S. LatsisPublic Benefit Foundation we envision thriving local communities in productive and healthy agroecosystems. More information: websiteMedINA.

The Terra Kytheria  Sustainable Agriculture in Kythera project aims to support olive producers and promote kytherian olive oil. Is is based on a cultivation and certification system tailored to local methods, preserving the island’s biodiversity and traditional rural landscapes. The project is being implemented by the Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development (KIPA) and the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (MedINA) in collaboration with the Kytherian Olive Oil Cooperative of Potamos, the Agricultural Cooperative of Livadi Kythera and the University of the Aegean. More information: Περισσότερεςπληροφορίες: website MedINA, website KIPA, Terra Lemnia project.

The Terra Vita certification concerns foodproduced in Greece using traditional agriculturalmanagement methods that benefit biodiversity and the landscape while promoting the local identity of the regions. For further details, please Visit:Web.