We are pleased to announce that the Kytherean Foundation for Culture and Development (Κ.Ι.Π.Α) and the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (MedINA) are launching their partnership aimed at further strengthening the network of trails in Kythera, as well as the development of activities related to the research, protection, promotion and awareness for the preservation of local natural and cultural heritage.
The two collaborating bodies aim at further developing and promoting the network of trails of Kythera. Their shared vision is to develop mild and alternative forms of tourism on the principle of making the best out of the local natural and cultural heritage as a competitive advantage. Activities towards this direction will include improvement of the trail network infrastructure, the use of electronic media, the construction of projects using traditional knowledge and practices, open and participatory environmental monitoring, environmental education and the creation of a knowledge base for selected data of nature and culture.