On Thursday 24th of March, the roadmap for the promotion of Kytherian olive oil was presented, based on a study prepared in the framework of the Terra Kytheria programme.

This programme aims at the certification of the traditional production of olive oil in Kythera and the empowerment of olive oil producers. It is implemented by the Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development (KIPA) and the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (MedINA), in collaboration with the agricultural cooperatives of Potamos and Livadi, the University of the Aegean and other collaborators.

Alexis Kotoulas and Dimitris Tsimberis, executive associates of AK & Partners, with many years of experience in the field of marketing agri-food products, analysed the current situation of the olive farming sector in Kythera, describing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis).

They concluded with a series of steps to promote Kytherian olive oil, such as product standardisation, the development of a corporate identity (branding) and a marketing plan, broad cooperation and the pursuit of certifications, such as the “Agricultural Tradition & Biodiversity” certification now applied by associate olive growers under Terra Kytheria.

At the beginning of the meeting, the programme coordinator, Rigas Zafeiriou, presented the progress of the programme and the certification process in Kythera, while George Dimitropoulos, coordinator of the Terra Lemnia programme in Lemnos on behalf of MedINA, presented the product quality label Terra Vita, which will accompany the certified products such as the Kytherian olive oil of the associate producers.

In Lemnos, the first certified products will be available in April, including the local cheeses Kalathaki and Melichloro/Melipasto, flour, rusks and traditional pasta, while in Kythera the first certified olive oil is expected in the coming olive growing season.

The road map is a tool for all the productive forces (local industry) of Kythera in the effort to promote Kytherian olive oil and will soon be posted online.




Terra KytheriaSustainable Agriculture on Kythera: The Terra Kytheria programme aims to empower olive growers and promote Kytherian olive oil. It is based on a farming and certification system, which is adapted to local methods and preserves the biodiversity and traditional rural landscapes of the island.

The programme is implemented by the Kytherian Foundation for Culture & Development (KIPA) and the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (MedINA) in collaboration with the Potamos Agricultural Oil Cooperative, Livadi Agricultural Cooperative, and the University of the Aegean. It is an extension of the Terra Lemnia programme in Lemnos coordinated by MedINA.

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