The Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development (ΚΙΠΑ), as part of its objective being the public benefit connected with the quality development of our native homeland, has decided to design and implement a special Programme: To rescue and utilize the agricultural and livestock real estate of Kythera, whose utilization has been abandoned or is constantly declining today, due to immigration and the adoption of urban professions.

It is now the last opportunity to rescue and utilize these assets as the Greek state has begun the process of drawing up an official land register that requires land to be legalized and ownership declared. Otherwise, these assets will either be encroached upon and appropriated by cunning trespassers as their own or will become state property.

The Programme aims for the benefit of those owners who do not have the means to make use of their ancestors’ property. It is also beneficial for our native homeland. In this way, one essential source of quality and financial development is not permanently lost.

To achieve that dual purpose, KIPA Foundation will provide free of charge and at its own expense to any interested property owner the necessary services for finding, legalizing, and officially identifying and registering plots in the land registry, so that they can be utilized. It is notable that KIPA, as a Social Benefit Foundation, is not allowed, for any of its services or activities, to receive remuneration or make a profit. Proceeds for its community service come from donations and sponsorships. That is why the expenses and donations of its services will be covered by a corresponding donation of a partial or percentage of each real estate property that will become usable or with a donation of a corresponding amount. Based on the value of the donation, the donor and landowner will be declared a donor or benefactor of the Foundation subject to the Scale of Donors and Benefactors (donor, large donor, benefactor, large benefactor), which have been posted on the KIPA Website.
KIPA will give each interested owner in advance the following information related to its services:

1. Search and demarcation of the real estate, based on the owner’s information and other sources.
2. Temporary designation of the real estate on whether according to the law they are:
forest, grassland, barren or cultivated farms, olive groves (or other), buildable, with access to municipal or another road, with any other land characteristics, distributed or undistributed land declared (or not) to the tax office, surveyed (or not) by a professional surveyor, with property and inheritance taxes paid and anything else required.
3. Legalisation procedure vis a vis the state: notarial distribution of undistributed land plots, official surveying, legalization of the land use, certification of an unauthorized use, registration procedure in the land registry or mortgage office, approximate rough budgeting for legalization costs, approximate current value budgeting.
4. Offering these services free of charge and undertaking expenses for all procedures by our charity Foundation.

Any owner or co-owner who is interested in participating in the Programme for the utilization of his agricultural real estate must fill in an application form to send to KIPA Foundation and provide the following content and information to the best of his knowledge:
1. Expression of interest in participating in the program written by the owner or at least by one of the indivisible co-owners, in case of co-ownership.
2. Information about all known co-owners names and the degree of kinship upon which they inherited or otherwise acquired the land of the original owners who were/are residents of Kythera, their village of residence, their current address, telephone numbers, email, the family name (or nickname), the location of the real estate and everything else associated.
3. Copies of all contracts, wills, and any other private or official documents which relate to the real estate as well as contact details of people in Kythera or in the rest of Greece, which the Foundation could address in order to request the necessary information.



After tracking the real estate of the interested parties, KIPA FOUNDATION will send the terms and conditions, under which, according to the law, it can undertake the legalization project for land utilization at its own expense and free of charge for them.

The document with the terms and conditions of the undertaking will also include a budget of the expenses that will be borne, as noted, by KIPA. It will also entail an approximate description of the services it will provide so that the interested party can check that those terms are correct and calculate his own liabilities to the Foundation. Those terms and conditions will explore the following aspects as far as the owner is concerned:

1. Whether each property is usable and interesting for KIPA or not, as well as its current value for its owner.
2. On the basis each property is usable, how much time it will take to legalize it in order to utilize it, what can be utilized for, and how much does it cost.
3. What percentage of his property must the owner give free of charge
to KIPA Foundation, to cover the costs of legalization as well as the announcement of the Foundation as the new owner, and its inclusion in the rank of sponsors according to the scale that we have posted in our newsletter.
4. In the event there are any disputes with individuals or the State, or other unforeseen or emerging expenses, difficulties, or weaknesses along the property legalization process, KIPA will inform the owner in detail in order to consult with him on whether and how these could be dealt with, to decide whether the efforts will continue or not.

Any real estate owners in Kythera who are interested in offering part or all of their land properties for their rescue, legalization and usage purposes, for their own interest as well as to contribute to the development of our native homeland, please get in touch with the Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development with the contact details below:

Postal address: Athens: Themistokleous 5, Athens 10677, Kythera: 2nd km Leivadi-Kalamos road, Kythera 80100

Telephone numbers: 210.3832806, 27360.37006
Website: www.kipa-foundation.org