The Mazzipetti  bike shop and the Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development (KIPA) in cooperation with  the Cultural Association “Portokalia” and Kythera Trails, organize mountain bike and trail running open type races in Karavas village, Kythira. These races are the second installment of the cup called “Svelta” 2021-22.

Kind of race: XC (cross country) Mountain bike and trail running

Date of the event: Sunday, January 9, 2022

Time/place of start/finish: 10.00 o’clock in Patrikios School (Agricultural school)

Routes description: 

Mountain Bike: The cycling route is e a 10.5 km loop of low technical difficulty with long downhills and short but relatively steep uphills. It consists of cobbled trails, rural dirt roads, concrete roads, paved roads as well as a part of the signposted route M49 of the Kythera trails.

It will pass successively through the following locations/settlements: 

Karavas Agricultural School – Niochori – Karavas Agricultural School – Vagianika – Kryoneri- Stenos Kampos  – Ikonostasi – Platia Ammos – Kryoneri – Vagianika – Karavas Agricultural School.

Trail running: It is a 6.7 km loop with long downhill parts and short but steep uphill sections. On the route, one encounters cobbled paths – rural dirt roads – concrete roads, and paved roads. 80% of the route is part of the signposted trail M49 of the official trails network ‘Kythera Trails’.

It will pass successively through the following locations/settlements: 

Karavas Agricultural School – Vagianika – Kryoneri – Stenos Kampos – Ikonostasis – Astarti Estate – Dendianika – Kryoneri – Mavrogiorgianika – Amir Ali – Karavas Agricultural School.

The use of trail (running) shoes is recommended.

The trails will be marked for reconnaissance from 9/1 morning hours.

Feed zone: There will be two stations for running and two for biking.

Stations may be modified depending on weather conditions.

The following categories will be available for each sport:



Junior high school students

High school students

Elementary school students 6-9 years old (separate course)

Primary school pupils 10-12 years old (separate route)



Saturday 8/1 10:00-14:00 collection of bib numbers from Mazzipetti

Sunday 9/1 08:30-09:50 bib number collection from the cup’s desk in the Agricultural School

09:50-10:00 technical briefing

10:00 start of the running race

11:45 start of the cycling race

11:50 start of the cycling race for high school pupils

13:00 awards ceremony

13:30 start of the running race for primary school pupils

13:45 start of the cycling race for primary school pupils

14:45 awards for primary school pupils


Circular route within the Patrikios Agricultural School in the form of qualifying races for cycling. 

The route will be modified for children aged 6-9 years old.


Awards will be given to the top three (3) finishers in each category in each sport. All participants will receive a commemorative medal. 

CUP RATING (for each sport separately)

1st 40 points

2nd 35 points

3rd 30 points

4th 25 points

5th 20 points

6th 18 points

7th 16 points

8th 14 points

9th 12 points

10th 10 points

11th 9 points

12th 8 points

13th 7 points

14th 6 points

15th 5 points

16th 4 points

17th 3 points

18th 2 points

19th 1 points



-Those who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to participate. For minors, the completion of an affidavit of the guardian is required (provided by the organizers upon receipt).

-Use of a helmet for cycling is compulsory. 

-For participation in the race, the respective health protocols of the GGA apply. 

-The use of a mask at the starting area and secretariat is compulsory.



10,00 € for the cycling race

5,00 € for the running race

12,00 € for participation in both sports.

Payment will be made on receipt of the entry number.
Entries under the age of 18 are free of charge.



By email to or in person at Mazzipetti. Necessary information to be provided: Name, Age, Contact Phone, Sport.


Closing date for registrations is 8/1.



+302736033762, +30 6972814830 and at Mazzipetti.